She abused my balls

There is a woman I met recently who has such an incredible outlook on sex I am having the time of my life. The second time we were together she tried to fist me. She didn't say anything but just got carried away with it all and went for it. She had all four fingers and most of her thumb inside me before I had to get her to stop. When I asked her what she had been doing and she told me I was so horny I had to grab her hand and push her fingers into my mouth!
Thie is another story though from our next encounter...............

This wonderful, naughty, dirty woman that I met a short time ago came to play again on the weekend, this time she was prepared to do some things to me that went against her grain, I wanted her to hurt my balls. She had done a lot of research on the subject and even bought some toys to use. This alone was enough to make a huge impact on me. No one had ever done so much to give me pleasure before.

There were more impacts to come....

She very cleverly used a door frame to set the physical boundaries of my existence for the duration of the play. I was not permitted to know what she had in mind for me, nor see the toys she had brought with her. I was blindfolded and had each toy touched to my body to tantalise me and leave me wondering what on earth it was. The effect of this was so very erotic. Knowing something new, wonderful and big was about to happen but having no idea how it was going to happen, my imagination was working overtime and building the suspense as much as her soft touches were.

She tied my balls and c*#k, she added a vibrator to the tying up, I have never felt anything like that before, it was an incredible feeling, I thought she had tied it in between my c*#k and balls and wrapped it all up as a bundle. It seems I was wrong but the blindfold kept me guessing and kept the excitement and anxiety at a high level.

I was sure I would be able to hear a slap or kick coming because of the movement but I was SO wrong! In absolute silence I felt the impact of her hand on my tender balls! It felt so good, I had given my most delicate sex organs to her to abuse and she was doing it in such a good way. Changing rhythm, changing the angle, a double slap really caught me by surprise and made me in the sweet pleasure of pain.

The whole time I had no idea what to expect and my body was tingling with anticipation from the outset. She loved the sounds I was making, especially the sharp inhale every time she hit my balls.

The whip was a surprise, it comes with all the promise of the historical whipping for torture but is tempered with softness and gentleness but still gives a good impact on the balls and body. This whole experience was as much about the imagination as the act and this made it so incredible.

When ever I lowered my hands I was snapped at to put them back up, more pain and strict control !

I was told to get on my knees and I knew this meant this wonderful generous woman was going to do me the ultimate honour and kick my balls for me! I am getting so aroused writing this!

I obeyed and waited with baited breath, anxiety, dread, fear, LUST. This time I would hear it coming, she still has her pants on. NO, I didn't hear a thing. I felt it though. Her foot colliding with my balls, wisely favoring the left because she knows that is the less tender one. It hurt in such an exquisite way I can't begin to describe. I know I was making lots of little moans and groans and she loves that. She is so sensual and gets aroused by all her senses including sound. I was so wound up that even when she reached out and caressed my balls as tenderly as you can my whole body reacted the instant she touched them. Is this another kick? It was so intense, so much more so than anything I have ever experienced before.

Eventually she removed my blindfold so I could see what she was doing to my tender sacred balls. They were hers and she was playing and enjoying it. So much so that she did something neither of us expected and put on a show for me, fulfilling another of my fantasies. To watch a woman masturbate. She hurriedly untied the vibrator from my balls and removed her pants and started using her wonderful little toy on herself. My god that was such a sight! She came a few times before giving me the toy to lick clean. I felt so lucky to taste her sweet juices.

She went back to playing with her balls and I loved giving them to her again.

Neither of us had ever done anything like this before and neither knew what to do or what to expect but it was the perfect first time.


Canberra Gloryhole

I was just passing through and had some time to CENSORED and decided to drop into one of the sex shops in Canberra. I can't remember the name of the place but they had a theatre room with lots of booths, most with glory holes.
As I like to wear sexy underwear, I went out to car and got an open bottom girdle and some stockings. Back inside, I went into the gents and slipped them on.
Back to the booths. Selected one and started to flick through the movies, found a good one and dropped to jeans to have a wank. The booth next door was obviously occupied as I saw someone watching, a minute later I could just see his cock behind the hole. I touched it and it poked through. Soft but quite large, and shaved, so a gave it a rub. One it got harder I put my mouth on it - I'd never done this before - and started to suck. I was only just able to take it all and he was, judging by the noises he was making, enjoying it. He came in my mouth and I swallowed it. Not too bad I thought. He quickly vacated the booth.
I sat there wanjing and another guy came in. Similar story, shorter unshaved cock but same procedure.
This repeated twice more and by then I was in dire need of some relieve. I moved to another booth and found the next door booth was occupied by a slim guy wearing a basquq (I think) stockings, panties so I lifter up the girdle so he could see and stuck my cock through - fantastic blow job!
Later that evening I went back, just before closing time. There were some guys desparate to get sucked and were walking between the booths with cocks out. I dropped the jeans and sat in a booth, didn;t take long for a cock to poke through, sucked and swallowed! As I had the door open, I had some spectators so I knelt down at the door and sucked them both - while others watched. Getting two cocks in your mouth at the same time is not easy! As it was later I didn;t manage to find any one to suck me so had to settle for a wank. Being watched is quite enjoyable.

The shop is now gone and I haven't found anything like that in Canberra or Sydney.

Car-ma Sutra

Having sex in cars as an art form.  Interesting and funny.

Happy New Year

May this new year bring many opportunities your way, To explore every joy of life & turning all your dreams into reality & all your efforts into great achievements.

Strap-on fun 3 + bi experience

Ok those that have read my posts strapon fun and strapon fun 2 would know that my wife and i have experimented with some strapon sex... and that i was keen to try bi and she was keen to watch. well it took us a while to find the right guy... because we wanted a hung black guy (male escort) that had recent medical tests because we both wanted him to go bareback... wife really wanted to see me eat cum (other then my own)

So... we found a guy in Melbourne and flew there for a weekend. When he arrived at our motel room we were both very nervous... and very horny. He was a fine specimin of a man 6'2", ripped abs and pecs... he stripped down and pulled out a fat, juicy 9" c*#k.

Wife told me to suck him... i dropped to my knees and did as told... it was awesome... tasted much better then her strapon. i could feel him grow and harden in my mouth... i sucked and licked him for about a minute...looked over and my wife was naked on the bed masturbating furiously.

When he was fully erect she asked me to guide him into her pussy... i held his massive tool and rubbed it up and down her slit before plunging it into her... she groaned as i did this... he pumped her good and hard few a few minutes... while i sucked her tits. she told me she wanted me to eat his cum from her pussy hair.

he then pulled out and blew a massive load all around her pussy lips and pubes... i took him in my mouth and drained every last drop... then i licked her clean... he had came so much... i loved it.

we rested a bit then she put her strapon on and f#@ked me while i sucked him again (spit roast).

he tried to f#@k me... but he was too big... so she rode him reverse cowgirl style while i sucked her strapon and licked her pussy, his shaft and balls.

this time he came deep in her and she squatted over me and snowballed me (dripped his cum from her pussy into my mouth.

it was an awesome few hours... cant wait for the next time.

What turns him on

I'm seeing this guy. He's not shy but when it comes to sex he is. I always start stuff, and in control a lot which he likes. I asked him what turns him on. He said that's for me to figure out. Seriously it would be so much easier if he told me. Is this normal for guys to say this? I'm a very upfront person I tell him what turns me on. Part me is embarrassed to do something that doesn't turn him on. Any ideas? :)

Sex toys for my friends

Well I have just bought a couple of my friends various sex toys for Christmas. I'm sure they will love them all.

What was your first toy?

What was your first toy?

Waxing down there

I have very sensitive skin and was advised to stick to one method of hair removal otherwise I get ingrown hair red bumps.

Strap-on Fun 2

Hi all... ages since my last post.

So we finally got another weekend away without the kids... so it was a chance to explore our strap on fun again.

We got to our hotel room at the coast and the wife told to go have a shower and meet her in the bedroom. I did as i was told... came into the bedroom and found that she had an outfit laid out for me to wear... black fishnet stockings, black lacey panties and a sexy black lacey nightie (all in my size... told me later she bought them online)

She was wearing a black pvc outfit (bustier and chaps) and had her black strapon on. she told me to put the outfit on... I did as i was told.

She then got out a long blond wig and told me to put it on... i was so horny at this stage.

After this she produced a red lipstick and applied it to my lips.

She told that my name was now felicity or princess and told me to suck her c*#k.

i did this with great enthusiasm and pleasure... the whole time she called me a c*#k sucking slut and her bitch as she f#@ked my mouth... told me that i must have had c*#k for real because i was too good at it to be an amatuer.

she then told me to get on all fours on the bed... she hiked the nightie up over my back... pulled my panties to one side... lubed my ass and entered me.

it felt so good... nowhere as painfull as the first time (i'd been practicing with butt plugs before we went away)

so she pounded me good and proper for a few minutes and told me not to cum until she said so... all the while spanking my ass.

I told her I was close to cumming... she pulled out of me... told me to stay on all fours... sat beside me and pulled my c*#k out of my panties and proceded to masturbate me like she was milking a cow with one hand and fingering my ass with the other.

I announced i was cumming... she milked me into a shot glass and when every last drop was out she told me to sit up.

she then ordered me to open my mouth... she poured the cum into my mouth and made me drink every last drop.

it was awesome... we had a great weekend... lots of normal sex also... but lots of kinky stuff... needless to say my ass cheeks were sore from being spanked and my asshole was sore from being f#@ked.

on the drive home we talked about it and what other stuff we'd like to try... she then asked if i ever had sucked a c*#k for real... i told that i had done it twice over 20 years ago... way before we met... she asked me to tell her about it... i told her about my 2 bi experiences many years ago while she masturbated in the car... she said it gets her hot to think of me sucking a c*#k... so maybe next time she'll arrange for a guy to join us.

How to make a handjob feel like a blow job?

Hi just started to mess with this guy, my second ever person sexually. I have sharp pointy teeth and would not be open to giving him blow job as I would feel incredibly self concious due to me less than desirable oral state.

Is there any way I can give him a hand job that feels like a blow job. He tried to shove his penis in my mouth, but i gave him a handy j. any tips would be appreciate.



true sex story

i was 20 at the time seeing a 27 year old milf! A little on the skinny side but with a great ass! Safe to say she broke me in haha! I would reguraly receive booty calls at 4am. Loved 69 her!

I ended up taking a sick day from work, we ended up going to the movies we where all alone, one thing let to another and I ended up fucking her missionary style till I blew on her trimmed pussy! ( she wouldnt shave it )

Later that night we went and had a few drinks at the beach, ended up fucking her again missionary style Pretty sure we got busted lol

converting my boyfriend...

I was introduced to a 26 year old guy by an ex colleague. Ended up fucking on the 3rd meet at his house. I'm 22 and I was way more experienced and sexually intimidating, as I can tell. I killed his ego....

Anyway, he was soo plain, soo vanilla... It was perfect... Perfect body, perfect c*#k.

I opened up my sex life to him, I was happy to, since I knew he was the kind of person to not place any judgement. And I'm the type to be like, if you don't like what Iam then f#@k off.

Primarily, I disliked performing fellatio on guys. ONLY BECAUSE,... I don't like the idea of my partner asking for it, I want to give it voluntarily. This guy Tom* never asked for it and his c*#k didn't look painful to take in my mouth.

I hate my absolutely big cocks, thick ones. It gets painful to f#@k and hard to keep my teeth off. Tom's c*#k is perfect... Perfect length, perfect width, just enough to fill me up and tap into my cervix.

Every time we foreplay, I haaave to suck his c*#k, I have to make love to it. I am obsessed with his c*#k. I think of it every hour! If only there was some legal nuptial arrangement between a person and someone else's genitals :P... haha

For a few weeks, I wondered why Tom didn't attempt to go down on me, I started to become paranoid. Then mentions to me a few weeks later that he refuses to perform cunnilingus on girls. For what reason? I don't know...

The day he attempts it, feels great... Did well for his first real attempt at cunnilingus.

I remember him mentioning that he didn't like the idea of anal sex... Mark these words. becuase what you're about to hear is interesting.

"I don't like anal, reminds me of gay sex" His words exactly...
I love my anal sex... Hearing those words kind killed me, but I wasen't going to give up hope...

The next few months. I insist of fingering him, he refuses for a while. But then I remember him getting caught in the heat of the moment and he finally let me slip a finger up his tight ass. It was soo tight that my finger was deprived of blood. It'd make me sooo wet really.

One night, Him and I come home from my cousins and we finally did anal.. I was on top of him and I was jsut dying to feel him in my ass and to fill me up with his hot cum.
He slipped well in, since I was less tensed when I'm turned-on... He'd f#@k me up the ass quite regular now... love it!

This isn't the first time, I have eaten my ex boyfriends ass, fingering him etc.he was a lot more open to experimentation and didnt hesitate trying new freaky things out. But Tom, I had to convince and when I do get him to try it... He just asks for more and more.

So one night, so frikken horny... Tom lies on his stomach with his pelvis cropped up inviting me to eat out his ass.

I remember spreading his ass cheeks and spanking them as I creep my tongue onto his hole. I prefer it clean, he's always clean and trust him with personal hygiene... I then stick my tongue into his ass, making my way deeper and deeper with every penetrative thrust. I love the moans and groans he makes. Turns me on more...

I then love, sticking my fingers up his ass and rubbing his prostate while I suck him of jerk him off and love feeling his ass tense rock hard on my finger as he cums.


Great fuck with my sexy stepmum!

A couple days ago my brother and dad won a holiday for two for a whole week. 2 days in my stepmum asked if I wanted to go to the beach so I said sure in the car she was telling me that she saw me jacking off ( which I was) in the toilet so I said what?? No that's wrong... And she said joey you know jacking off really turns me on, we still have another 5 or 6 days left together... If you want we could do something else together. So I said like what? She replied" well... Whatever you want I guess..." by the time we finished talking we werel there at the beach so I said I needed to use the restroom, she said I'll come with you to the multi sex room, I got in and saw a condom vending machine, I saw her pull out some money and buy a few. When I was butt naked she was staring so instinctively I got a hard one. She asked me if I could put suncream on her so I said yeah and all I was thinking was " omg she is so damn hott I can't believe im doing this..." so I pulled out the sunscrean , still naked and started rubbing uit on her, she was making quiet moaning noises and she unlaced her bikini and asked if I liked her tan so I just said damn you are so hott, she took off the bikini bottom and I started fingering her, next thing I knew I was sucking her pussy dry while she was wanking me. I went up to her boobs and just started licking and feeling them. We were soon giving a boob job when I cummed in her mouth and she drank it while she was riding my cock! Wat a great fucker!!! We didn't end up on the sand so we drove back home. The next day I saw her talking to her awesome looking friend, cat while wearing a g string. That turned me on so much I walked up behind her and put my hand on her great ass. She invited cat over while I was stripping down and wanking by the time she was done I was ready to cum so she jumped on my cock and I cummed inside her pussy. We did a bj and 69 till we were both tired and I asked her if she could wear her g string for a few days and rub her pussy juice in it so I could have them so she said I could have anything I want. I pulled out her clit flicker so I was putting my cock in her pussy with two flickers in her but and pee hole. We were done when cat arrived and walked in while I had no underwear on and she just stopped blank while I waited for kathy to tell her what been happening. Kathy offeredher a wine and she accepted while me and kathy were getting on and off eachother, finally cat decided to join in and she has great boobs while kathy has a nice tan ass, while kathy was riding my cok cat had her nice round jugs in my mouth. We changed positions from time to time. that's it for now, I'll post me and kathy's later fucks as soon as we have another. Enjoy and post it best, first times and any questions. Hope you enjoyed readingbthis!!! :)

First time giving head.

So me and my boyfriend of two weeks decided to have a sleepover. I camr over his house and we watched movies. Next thing I know he springs a boner, (out of no where, wern't even kissing). So I rubbed it for a little bit while he rubbed my undies. He then took his pants off and I gave him a bit of a handjob, he then told me to suck it. So I did. I can't say it was the best, it tasted like pee.. I put up with it though. He then fingured me and licked me out, I also think he stuck his dick in when he was laying on top of me which is bad because I now think I'm pregnant!

But what do you do.

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